TrueTransparency 0.9.4

Have Vista transparent windows in XP


  • No installation required
  • Very light on system resources
  • Two skins to choose


  • Doesn't apply transparency to all windows

Very good

Let's admit it: Windows Vista does have some graphical eyecandy that many of us would like to enjoy too, that is, if we could have it without having to give up on our beloved XP.

Well, who say we can't? Here's the trick: download TrueTransparency, copy it to any folder on your hard drive (no installation required) and you'll be able to add a sleek transparency effect to your windows. It's as easy as that! Just bear in mind that it may not work with all your apps (during my tests, for instance, Winamp didn't get the Vista look) but most system windows and standard applications will show off a shiny transparent look.

Like I said, the program doesn't require installation and hardly uses any system resources. From the little icon displayed on the system tray you can change between two different skins, set the program to be run on Windows startup and also close it when you grow tired of so much transparency and want to go back to traditional Windows XP windows.

TrueTransparency is a very quick, simple way to have the Vista transparency effect on your XP windows.

TrueTransparency is a freeware applicatino that changes the borders and buttons of all system windows, adding PNG support and so true transparency. In this way your XP windows will look a bit more like Vista.

The program enables you to choose between two skins and can be set to run at system startup, if you want to have this cool effect every time you run Windows.



TrueTransparency 0.9.4

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